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  • Accurate service
    Quick response time

    48,846 emergency requests handled in five years

    On-time response rate


    Problem-solving ability


    Service satisfaction


    Commitment to customers


    Intelligent Daemon Package

    Automated responses to IT device/network/program failures in under a second <1sec
    Active alarm and fully automatic repair
    Real-time notification via SMS and WeChat to ensure threats are dealt with immediately
    Effortlessly dealing with complexities of today’s changing network environment, so that you focus on your main business without any worries.

    Individually Tailored Custom Service Model

    Implemented multi-model, multi-type refined matching services in response to actual conditions: Your needs and desired outcomes + 1 minute = The best possible price

    At Wisdom we are full of vitality!

    Wisdom has never stopped pursuing innovation and has always remained at the forefront of IT industry

    Why choose us?

    Extensive multilingual support covering 14 languages including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian and more

    Industry leading service provider equipped to meet the demands of companies and enterprises located all around the world

    Exclusive 24-hour support

    Industry-leading corporate service package
    Users of our services include Coca-Cola, Cadillac and Meituan.com

    Respect for our customers over all else

    Mandatory service guarantee
    ¥500 compensation for any late responses to service requests via app
    ¥500 compensation if any problems remain unresolved

    Care for your company’s growth

    Providing low-cost added services
    Rental laptops readily available without deposit
    Offering official public account and mobile server development

    Focus on providing stellar service experience

    Ensuring that each and every service request is fulfilled in detail
    Providing real-time feedback from engineers, comprehensive tracking and detailed monthly service summary reports

    Strict safeguarding of confidential information

    We value the security of our customer’s information
    The privacy of all confidential and third-party supplier agreements are safeguarded with liability of up to 1 million RMB

    Added value services that surpass all expectations

    20 fully complementary added value services
    Backup support for core equipment, comprehensive IT equipment inventory, IT equipment blueprints and more!


    Help enterprises make efficient use of IT infrastructure and applications to drive digital transformation

    Simplify operational complexity to continuously improve enterprise performance.

    Business operations and maintenance performance monitoring terminals.


    Wisdom appreciates the support of our customers as it looks towards the future!

    Rising to the challenge to overcome the daunting difficulties of the Internet age, Wisdom has successfully established a customer-centric model to meet our customers’ IT demands. To go beyond fulfilling basic service demands, Wisdom has built a highly precise, intelligent and comprehensive service model. Wisdom is proud to provide a bridge connecting customers and engineers with each other.

    Media Coverage

    Wisdom: China’s IT outsourcing service industry leader
    Outstanding high quality, low cost, compassionate IT service provider

    More than 2,000 companies have chosen us!

    We are proud to be working for each and every one of our existing customers. We look forward to you too joining us!


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